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Insuring Your Home During a Build

Insuring Your Home During a Build

During the construction of your home you will need specialized insurance called Builder’s Risk. Homeowners insurance covers for losses that you wouldn’t incur for a property you’re not living in such as personal effects or loss of use. In addition, you need insurance to cover you for risks associated with the build process such as collapse or re-erection of scaffolding, even reward. Builder’s Risk insurance is the answer.

We work with carriers that specialize in Builder’s Risk insurance for Washington state homeowners. They protect property interests on even the most intricate residential and commercial construction projects. Construction insurance can cover a wide spectrum of property coverage. Here are a few highlights of coverage offered:

  • Construction Forms, Scaffolding and Temporary Structures

  • Re-erection of scaffolding

  • Outdoor Trees, Shrubs, Plants and Lawns

  • Debris removal

  • Fire Department service charge

  • Reward

  • Foundations

  • Collapse coverage

  • Back-up or overflow of sewers, drains or sumps

  • Paving, Curbing, Fences and Outdoor Fixtures

  • Model Homes and Model Home Contents

  • Construction Tools and Personal Property

As a homeowner, you face serious risks. A lot can go wrong at a job site even with an experienced contractor and safety precautions and protections in place.

At SafeWest, we understand the dangers inherent to construction. We have worked with local general contractors and national construction companies. Whether you are building your starter home or your dream home, we have the experience to help you get the coverage you need.