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Ferndale, Washington Flood Insurance

Ferndale, Washington Flood Insurance

Flood damage can be devastating for any family, and most flood losses are not covered by your standard home insurance policy. Also, don't rely on the federal government (FEMA) to assist you in the event of a massive flood situation.

We have flood dangers surrounding us in Whatcom and Skagit counties. The Nooksack and Skagit rivers are prone to flooding in certain areas every year. Sumas, Bow, Everson, Ferndale and other local towns see flooding all too often. If you are in a flood zone, your lender may require that you have flood insurance. We can help you with that. There are policies that protect just the home and some protect your valuables too. We can help you find a policy that fits your budget.

Your standard Washington flood insurance policy would apply to homes, condos, mobile homes, businesses and rentals that are in flood zone areas. Typically, your flood insurance policy is dependent on your flood zone risk.

We have multiple options for your flood insurance in Washington:

  • Building, contents, replacement cost coverages
  • Different coverage options available
  • Standard flood insurance coverage
  • Optional excess flood coverage
  • Affordable rates

Flood coverage Insurance in Ferndale, Washington

Building coverage is designed to protect the structure of your home or business and cover appliances and other property items that are considered part of your property including air conditioners, dishwashers and cabinets. You will also want to consider coverage for your personal property as well, such as furniture and clothing.

Policies have different options so contact one of our staff at 360-778-2592 for any questions you may have about your Washington flood insurance policy.